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Facebook Registration

One Click Registration using your Facebook Login. It makes it convenient to register and provides access to user's profile. Facebook also adds credibility to a user profile


To ensure Security, we manually verify documents like ID, License, etc before they are permitted. Addons like Emergency Contact and Unisex Ride Share allays any safety concerns.


A Ride Giver has the freedom to choose his travel route, departure time, and a Ride Taker has the freedom to chose the Ride Giver. Rido faciliates to share a ride in a dynamic, convenient manner.

Never Take a Detour

A Ride Giver can always pick up a Ride Taker en route to his destination in a convenient spot. A Ride Taker doesn't have to walk more than 200 meters to a pick up point.


A Ride Taker gets to travel to his destinations at a fractional cost of hailing an auto or a share auto. A Ride Giver gets to save approximately half of the cost of fuel, wear & tear,etc.

Hassle Free Payment

The cost for ride share is calculated by the system using a transparent cost sharing formula and this cost is auto credited using Paytm API in a seamless fashion.

Peer Rating

After each ride, both the Ride Giver and the Ride Taker can rate each other in the app. This would encourage safe driving and courteous behaviour of Ride Giver as well as the Ride Taker.

World Class Support System

We have a dedicated support staff team, who will address all your queries in a timely manner. You can always refer the FAQ's section in the website.

What are you waiting for?

Let us save some money and also our Environment by sharing Rides!

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